One of the most important missions of the CMA is to preserve and enhance the mortgage industry through political actions. We believe being politically active is no longer a choice. Any group that is not politically active in today’s world will not have their views reflected in the Legislative and administrative actions taken in Sacramento.

The responsibility for exercising political power lies within each member of the CMA. We’ve created political action committees to bring groups of people together who share common interests in advancing their positions in the public policy process.

Watch Mike Belote’s video below to learn more about CMA’s advocacy efforts.

Legislative Updates

Take a look all the California legislative updates we’re tracking which affect our members.

The Process of How CMA Advocates for
California Private Lenders


Every Bill and Amendment is Read and Evaluated for Possible Impact on CMA


Constant Dialogue between the Lobbying Team and CMA’s Legislative Committee


Dialogue with Other Members of the Stakeholder


Results, Efforts and Outcomes are Communicated to CMA Members


CMAS Political Action Committee Provides
Support in the Electoral Process in

Efforts of the CMA-PAC

CMA-PAC, the California Mortgage Association’s Political Action Committee was formed to help elect state legislators who are interested in the concerns of the mortgage lending community. The California housing turmoil from the early 2000s has increased legislation concerning mortgage lending in California. The need today may be greater than ever before for the mortgage community to have a real impact on the electoral process.

Watch the video to learn more about PAC and how you can be a part of our mission of preserving and enhancing the mortgage industry.

Watch Our Videos to Learn More About
Why CMA’s Advocacy Efforts Are A Top Priority

Legislative Committee

The CMA Legislative Committee monitors ongoing governmental operations, identifies issues suitable for legislative review, gathers and evaluates information, and recommends courses of action to the Executive Committee.

Elizabeth Knight

Committee Chair

elizabeth knight

Michael Belote

CMA Legislative Advocate

Mayumi Bowers

Committee Member

Robert Finlay

Committee Member

Michelle Rodriguez

Committee Member

Lori Randich

Committee Member