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The California Mortgage Association is where private money lenders go to get the information and help they need to thrive in their businesses. You have questions, we have answers. The education we provide represents the gold standard in the mortgage industry – all geared towards the private lending community. It’s delivered to our members by industry experts who contribute their time and knowledge to help private mortgage lenders, brokers, and investors make the right choices for their businesses. Our speakers are industry practitioners and supportive affiliates, such as attorneys, accountants, and service providers, all with knowledge accumulated over many years of practice and expertise.

We cover a variety of topics

The CMA offers two live conferences per year, plus monthly webinars. The variety of education we provide is truly exceptional. We cover topics ranging from compliance, insurance, and cybersecurity all the way to best business practices, industry trends, and much more. As a CMA Member, you get access to our archive of past educational programs and materials we’ve provided in recent years. This is an especially valuable resource for new members.

Some of the educational programs we’ve provided in recent years include:

New Lending Opportunities



Economic Outlook

Title & Escrow Issues

Loan Documents & Servicing

Fix & Flip Lending

Business Purpose Loans

Hazard & Business Insurance


Consumer Lending. Disclosures & Compliance

Investor Relationships

Loan Fraud

Legal & Legislative Updates

Borrower Bankruptcy



Join us for three days of informative and educational seminars to learn about industry trends, best business practices, important rules and regulations that impact the private lending space, and so much more. Our Spring and Fall conferences give you the opportunity to get front and center to learn, explore, and network with professionals in the private lending space.

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Phillip M. Adleson Education Award

The CMA Education Committee recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the private mortgage industry with the annual Phillip M. Adleson Education Award.


Our Points of Interest newsletter gives you access to informative articles and industry news to fuel your knowledge and help you grow your business.

Education Committee

The CMA Education Committee is committed to providing CMA members and industry professionals with valuable and relevant information, lessons, and programs to help them grow their businesses.

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