CMA Legislative Updates

CMA Legislative Update – 11/16/2021:

Proposed Restrictions on Reg D Investments by IRAs Withdrawn From Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Last month, the CMA implored its members to contact their representatives in DC to reject provisions of the proposed Infrastructure Bill that would have unwittingly stopped nearly all IRA investment in Reg D. This would have had a devastating impact on private lending funds and its investors.

Fortunately, the efforts of the CMA, AAPL, their members, and other groups, including the Retirement Industry Trust Association, paid off. The key provisions that would have severely limited the ability of IRAs to invest in Reg D funds have been removed. We will monitor to make sure they are not added back in as the bill works its way through the Senate.

Thank you to the CMA, its Board, and members for helping to strike these dangerous provisions!

T. Robert Finlay, Esq.
CMA General Counsel

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