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Winter 2024

Inside this issue:

  • A Potpourri of Bankruptcy Issues for Lenders to Consider (part 2)
  • CMA Spring Conference – Save The Date
  • The CFPB’s Recent Amicus Brief on Business-Purpose Loans: What You Need to Know
  • CA SB 567: New Rules for Tenant Evictions
  • Duty Calls – Fiduciary Duties of a Mortgage Broker
  • Pros and Cons of Taking Title at the Foreclosure Sale Via an LLC

Fall 2023

Inside this issue:

  • A Potpourri of Bankruptcy Issues for Lenders to Consider
  • An Investor’s Guide to Private Licensing Requirements
  • Foreclosure: The Mortgage Industry’s F-Word is Back in Style
  • Lender Alert: LIBOR is Going Away. Are you Prepared?
  • Bidding Strategies and Issues Under California’s Post-Foreclosure Auction Process

summer 2023

Inside this issue:

  • Richard C. Temme Becomes “Honorary Lifetime Director”
  • HDMA – The Temporary Financing Exclusion
  • The Short-Term Rental Debate – What Investors Can Consider
  • Why Should I Care About the Difference Between a Legal Parcel and an APN?
  • Pros and Cons of Taking Title at the Foreclosure Sale Via an LLC
  • Member Spotlight: Lori Bradford

Spring 2023

Inside this issue:

  • It May Be Time to Dust Off Your HMDA Compliance
  • Why Use a Certified Appellate Specialist?
  • CA Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Default Interest Case
  • Member Spotlight: Phil Goldstein
  • Strictly Strickland: Running Your Business

Summer 2022

Inside this issue:

  • BACK TO BASICS: How I Read a Commercial Appraisal
  • The Payoff Scam Is Back!
  • What Happens When Your Borrower and/or Investor Dies?
  • Member Spotlight: Bob Spier
  • Strictly Strickland: Setting Up a Trust Account Correctly

Spring 2022

Inside this issue:

  • Cyber Insurance – What You Need to Know and Why
  • Can an Owner Evict In California?
  • California Court of Appeals Confirms that HOBR Violations Can Be Remedies Prior to Foreclosure
  • MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Richard Wachter
  • Stricktly Strickland: The Minefields of DRE Audits

Summer 2021

Inside this issue:

  • Deflating a Balloon Partial Payment Conundrum
  • Everything You Want to Know About the New Auditor’s Report
  • Eleventh Circuit Decision in Hunstein Places Debt Collection Business Models at Risk
  • Stricktly Strickland: DRE Broker Office Survey


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 Spring 2021

Inside this issue:

  • A “Wyatt” Standard for Insurance Brokers?
  • Can Private Money Fuel the Recovery Once Again?
  • Am I a “Debt Buyer?” Understanding the New Wave of Debt Buyer Statutes and Their Impact on Servicing Non-Performing Mortgage Debt
  • MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Donald Hensel
  • Stricktly Strickland: Be Careful What You Say and How You Say It. Choose Your Words Carefully!

Winter 2020/21

Inside this issue:

  • Assembly Bill 3088: How the California Lenders Dodged a Bullet
  • Senate Bill 1079: California’s New Foreclosure and Post-Foreclosure Process
  • What You Need to Know About ADUs in 2020
  • Member Spotlight: Pam Sosa.
  • Stricktly Strickland: DRE Audits and You – The Aftermath

fall 2020

Inside this issue:

  • New Laws Impose Reporting and Written Notice Obligations on Employers Relating to COVID-19 Workplace Exposure
  • Why COVID-19 is Making Collateral Certainty a Necessity for Closing Deals in Today’s Environment
  • CMA Persuades Court to Publish Major Opinion on Forged Property Transfers
  • Member Spotlight: Rory Cambra
  • Stricktly Strickland: DRE Audits and You – Trust Accounts

Spring 2020

Inside this issue:

  • Servicing Loans During the COVID-19 Outbreak: What Private Lenders Can and Cannot Do!
  • The Current State of Data Privacy in the United States and Your Data Privacy Program
  • Will Proposed Federal Laws Take Cannabis Lending to New “Highs”?
  • Member Spotlight: Steve Belleville
  • Strictly Strickland: DRE Audits and You – What Triggers It, What Happens Next

 Winter 2019/20

Inside this issue:

  • Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482)
  • Clarifying California’s Complex Usury Laws
  • What’s the Difference Between an ALTA and CLTA Title Insurance Policy in California?
  • Is Your Independent Contractor Now an Employee?
  • Strictly Strickland: Advertising and Social Media – Are You and Your Agents Compliant?

 Fall 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Consumer Laws that Apply to Business Purpose Loans
  • Rental Income: Passive v. Non-Passive
  • Social Media Posting Plan & Tips
  • Stricktly Strickland: DRE Special Investigations

Summer 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Beyond the Basics of the California Consumer Privacy Act:
    Unanticipated Challenges In Complying With the New Privacy California Law
  • If You Charge Default Interest, You’ll Want to Read This!
  • New California Assembly Bill Adds Challenges for California Lenders
  • California Court of Appeals Expands a Borrower’s Right to Attorneys’ Fees Under
    HOBR: Hardie v. Nationstar
  • Stricktly Strickland: The Horror of a Hard-Money Audit

Spring 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Ninth Circuit Expands Time for a Borrower to Sue to Enforce Rescission of a Loan Under TILA
  • Robert Finlay Named California Mortgage Association General Counsel
  • Priority of Liens 0n California Real Property
  • What You Need to Know About Mortgage Funds
  • Stricktly Strickland: DRE: This and That

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