The PhilLip M. Adleson Education Award

At the California Mortgage Association, we rely on the contribution of numerous private money lending professionals, attorneys, and other experts who help create and present our educational programs. To recognize some of these individuals, we created the Phillip M. Adleson Education Award. The award recognizes individuals who’ve made outstanding contributions to education in California’s private money lending industry.

The award was named after the late Phil Adleson, who was our general counsel and also was one of the greatest creators, writers, and presenters of educational material at CMA. The award started in 2017, and one recipient is selected every year.

Award Recipients


Michelle Rodriguez, Esq.


Joffrey Long


Glenn Goldan


Lori Randich


Dennis Doss


Richard Temme


Phillip Adleson

About PhilLip Adleson

Phillip Adleson was a long-time contributor to Educational Programs in the private mortgage lending industry. In addition to CMA’s widely recognized “Legal and Regulatory Review,” he authored and contributed to numerous other CMA Education Programs. As a member of the CMA Education Committee, Phil’s valuable insight, and contributions helped shape the direction of CMA’s educational content. He also made numerous educational presentations for other industry groups, including the United Trustees Association.

Phil began providing educational presentations to CMA during its early years. In March 2004, he was named CMA’s General Counsel. Phil also authored amicus briefs and comments to regulatory agencies on behalf of CMA and other trade associations.

Phil was the inaugural recipient of this educational award at the 2017 Winter Seminar in Orange County. Law partner and long-time friend, Patrick Kelly, accepted the award on Phil’s behalf and shared some interesting background information about Phil and his career. Although unable to attend in person, Phil spoke to us through a live feed. The audience responded enthusiastically – for many, it would be the last time we heard him speak. Phil passed away a few weeks after.

In addition to honoring Phil and recognizing deserving contributors to education in private money lending, the Phillip M. Adleson Award will be used to further the awareness of CMA’s high standards as the education leader in private money lending – something Phil would be very proud of.