Political Action Committee for All California Private

Lenders & Brokers

What is PAC?

CMA-PAC, the California Mortgage Association’s Political Action Committee was formed to help elect state legislators who are interested in the concerns of the mortgage lending community. The mortgage lending community needs the combined strength that can only be accomplished by CMA-PAC. We must utilize the collective strength provided by our entire industry working together. You and your business can support CMA-PAC by making an annual or monthly contribution to the program. California law, unlike federal law, allows corporations to make contributions to state elections.

Watch the video below as our CMA-PAC chair, Rich Wachter explains more about the importance of the PAC
and what role it plays in our advocacy and legislative efforts in Sacramento.

Where Do Your Contribution Dollars Go?

Your contributions to the CMA-PAC go towards CMA’s goal to protect you and your business from any legislation that may or may not affect your business. What we use the money towards doesn’t buy us votes in the outcome of a bill or legislature, but it does give us a foot in the door to have our opinions heard and respected.

Here is how we allocate your contributions.

Financial Support for Candidates

We carefully choose candidates to support whose ideas and objectives align with the CMA’s goals for the mortgage lending community. We want to support those who will listen and understand who we are, what we stand for, and how we can help their constituents.

The CMA Voice

A collective voice has a far better chance of being heard. Your contributions will empower us to have a stronger voice in impacting legislation.
In the words of Rich Wachter “How nice would it be if legislators reached out to the California Mortgage Association before introducing a bill affecting our industry?”

The CMA Advocacy Program

Maintaining an effective legislative advocacy program in Sacramento, allows us to show Congress that we are part of the process as a responsible party and a stakeholder in real estate debates occurring in the Capital.

How to Donate

Join us at an event where we give attendees the opportunity to either purchase raffle tickets for some invaluable gift giveaways, participate in our very entertaining auction led by Rich Wachter, or provide us with a check or credit card to donate a personalized amount. You may also mail us a check or provide us with a credit card using our online form. No amount is too big or too small. All proceeds will exclusively benefit the CMA Political Action Committee (PAC).

Your support means the world to us!

Download a PDF of our PAC form with instructions for payment via check.

Read more about the importance of participating in the CMA PAC.

Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the
CMA-PAC from our Legislative Advocate, Mike Belote