The California Mortgage Association has been a very effective voice in the state capitol. To continue to be successful in lobbying the state legislature, we must increase our ability to support candidates who are philosophically aligned with our positions. The key to this effort is the CMA Political Action Committee (CMA PAC). The CMA PAC is a separate entity formed by members of CMA to make contributions to candidates for the California state legislature. CMA PAC provides a direct link between the mortgage industry and the public policy decision makers of California state government. If our interests and concerns are to be considered by the legislature, we must be unified. Our legislative advocacy program depends upon the CMA PAC as an essential component of an over all strategy which also includes active involvement of our membership in legislative districts and effective persuasion by our legislative advocates in the state capitol.

The job of the PAC is to assist the efforts of the association by supporting legislators who share the views of the membership.

The PAC efforts of the California Mortgage Association must compete with those of much larger associations and even many private companies. To continue the effective public policy program of the association, it is essential that we improve the funding of the CMA PAC.

Legitimate participation in the political process through supporting candidates with philosophical views consistent with those of the participating business entity or association is not only appropriate, but is considered by many to be one responsibility which all private business entities should assume in a democratic society.

Being politically active is no longer a choice. Any group that is not politically active will not have their views reflected in the Legislative and administrative actions taken in Sacramento.

The responsibility for exercising political power lies within each individual member of the CMA. The CMA PAC supports CMA’s mission to preserve and enhance the mortgage industry. Political action committees were created to bring groups of people together who share common interests in advancing their positions in the public policy process. California PACs are subject to a highly-regulated process for providing financial assistance to candidates. The assistance is vital to virtually all candidates, given the increasingly difficult financial demands of running for office in California. To continue with our strong legislative efforts, we need a strong CMA PAC so that we can provide support to those members of the Legislature who share our professional philosophies.

Impact of 2016 election — CMA must be involved.

Over the past few years the moderate Democrats in the Assembly have been the key to stopping bad anti-business legislation. This situation is likely to continue if a sufficient number of moderate Democrats win the 2016 election.

The 2016 election will set the tone for the next eight years of public policy debate in Sacramento. The last of the Assembly Members serving under the old term limit formula, allowing only six years in the Assembly, will be termed out at the 2016 election. There will be 15 Assembly Members termed out next year. Most importantly, there will not be any additional Members of the Assembly termed out during the elections of 2018, 2020, or 2022. Thus, the next time an opportunity will exist to elect moderate Democrats to the Assembly will be 2024 – when 38 Members of the Assembly will be termed out!

The Senate side of the process is less drastic since many senators come to the Senate to complete their eight year term on a more graduated basis. It is also true that the group of moderate Democrats in the Senate is insufficient to stop legislation on the Senate floor.

As usual, all 80 Assembly districts and 20 of the 40 Senate districts are up for election during 2016. With the new 12 year term limit in effect, the winners of these elections will be serving until 2028, assuming they win reelection as incumbents – which is normally the case.

In light or the above information, it is imperative that CMA support legislators during 2016 who are philosophically aligned with our views to ensure a successful legislative efforts over the next decade!

We hope all CMA members will contribute to the CMA PAC generously as we move towards the 2016 election year. Under California law, business and/or corporate contributions are permitted. The maximum contribution to the CMA PAC can be $7,000 per calendar year.

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