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Sacramento Summary Q1 2024

By Michael D. Belote, Esq.CMA Legislative Advocate Musical Chairs Term limits. Popular with the public, with lobbyists not so much. While the prior system, where legislators might stay in office for decades, clearly led to...

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Stricktly Strickland

Setting Up a Trust Account Correctly By Pamela J. StricklandCalifornia Compliance Consulting For those of you who have read this column over the years, you know that I keep harping on trust accounts and for those of you who have...

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The Payoff Scam Is Back!

By Jennifer A. Brady, Esq. and T. Robert Finlay, Esq.Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP We’ve seen this before. You are a lender, the year is circa 2008, and a borrower takes out a loan from you to purchase their new dream property....

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Sacramento Summary Q2 2022

Foreclosure “Reform” Stays Alive By Michael D. Belote, Esq.CMA Legislative Advocate The calendar may say that 2022 is only half over, but in “legislative time” the year is rapidly coming to a close. The California...

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